Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hearing of the week

thanks to matt from arts and lit for bringing this to my attention --

Playwright Lynn Nottage will be hanging out on Capitol Hill today performing a monologue from her Pulitzer Prize winning work "Ruined." She will discuss her research and writing process for “Ruined,” a play which centers on a 'group of women who survived sexual and physical violence and now work and live in a canteen and brothel not far from the battle lines of the Congo civil war. The characters were based on real refugees Ms. Nottage interviewed after they had escaped the armed conflict.'

Confronting rape and other forms of violence
against women in conflict zones

Spotlight: DRC and Sudan
Room 419 in Dirksen Senate Building
Show up with ID by 2:15!

Can't make it to Dirksen? Supposedly being live-broadcast from here.


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