Saturday, May 2, 2009

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Film Series

The Social Sciences Division of the Martin Luther King Public Library during the month of May will present a series of films related to the Asian and Pacific Islander experience, in America. The film series will be presented in the East Lobby of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library, East Lobby 2nd Floor 901 G Street. Please join us and learn more about Asian and Pacific Islander's experience with these award winning documentaries

Show times begin Thursdays at Noon

May 7, 2009
Chinatown Files (2005)
The Chinatown Files explores the legacy of McCarthyism on the Chinese American community. For the first time, seven men and women speak out on how they and their friends were investigated and persecuted by government agents during the McCarthy witch-hunts of the fifties. At the height of the hysteria, thousands of Chinese immigrants and American citizens of Chinese descent were investigated because of their ethnicity and alleged risk to national security (Not Rated 57 minutes)

May 14, 2009
Nation Within: The Story of America's Annexation of Hawai’i, 2007
This documentary tells the story of the annexation of Hawaii by the United States. It explains the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy. (Not Rated, 90 minutes)

May 21, 2009
Unfinished Business: The Japanese-American Internment Cases. New York: Docurama, 1985. In the spring of 1942, more than 110,000 American citizens of Japanese ancestry were uprooted from their lives and incarcerated in relocation camps. Their stories, along with those who refused to go, are told in this Oscar nominated film.
(Not Rated, 60 minutes)

May 28, 2009
Daughter from Danang (2002)
In 1975, as the Vietnam War was ending, thousands of orphans and Amerasian children were brought to the United States as part of "Operation Babylift." Daughter from Danang tells the dramatic story of one of these children, Heidi Bub (a.k.a. Mai Thi Hiep), and her Vietnamese mother, Mai Thi Kim, separated at the war's end and reunited 22 years later.

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