Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bye bye amps and drum kits! It's back to book carts.

source: kim swartz
Where oh where was the Sociology Library Associate last week? Rockin' out with sixty 8-18 year old little ladies at girls rock! day camp, that's where. I joined 2 DCPL YA librarians and over 100 rad DC women in organizing and leading camp this summer.

How did the public library help these kids rock out, you might ask? Well, we held some camp-related instrument shares at MLK library and the Southeast branch in the months leading up to camp, and during camp week our table in the 'Hall of Sisterhood' just about spilled over with DCPL library books. We had books on band art, instrument instruction, biographies of women who rock and the history of women in music. The girls (and volunteers) could look to the books for inspiration during camp week and also be reminded of the resources at their local library! We even got some kids signed up for DCPL library cards! It was a great week and I look forward to next summer.

Here are some highlights:





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  1. yeah GR!DC! Thanks to DCPL for all of your support!