Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just in

The new books are trickling in over at the SOC division...hopefully more to come this week!

Cornel West Reader - Cornel West
305.896 W516C

Next Stop, Reloville: life inside America's new rootless professional class - Peter T. Kilborn (bonus! book mentions the always exciting Gaithersburg, MD)
305.553 K48

Provenance: how a con man and forger rewrote a history of modern art - Laney Salisbury + Aly Sujo
364.163 S167

An introduction to visual culture - Nicholas Mirzoeff
306.47 M677

Methland: the death and life of an American small town - Nick Reding
362.299 R317

Getting in through my thick skull: why i stayed, what i learned, and what millions of people involved with sociopaths need to know - Mary Jo Buttafuoco
362.1968 B988


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  2. I meant to say, "Sign me up for 'Provenance'". Geez! How do you work this bloggy-thingy?!

  3. sorry - already checked out with multiple holds in the system. get in line!