Thursday, March 26, 2009

and we're off...

Welcome to the very first post of the blog for the Social Sciences division @ MLK Jr. Memorial library. I spent some valuable time at the reference desk today attempting to come up with a clever name for this blog. Alas I grew impatient and settled on the oh-so-creative dcpl-socialsciences. The poetry division, this is not.

hank you everyone for your suggestions, the top two runners-up were my mother with BobsBiblioBlog, and Matthew, the Arts LA with Do or Die Social Sci. Please drop by and check out what matthew and the Arts + Humanities Division at MLK are up to (usually it is a lot).

This site is a work in progress- expect grammatical errors and a disregard for word capitalization. This space will highlight new books in the collection, library programs, and local, national, or global events and stories relating to the social sciences and libraries.

Check us out here on the blogosphere or in real life at 901 G St NW, Room 220!

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